Hello, Palm Jumeirah!

The Aerial View of Palm Jumeirah. this pic is things I really want to capture usng my own camera.


Well yeah, there’s a lot of strange place I’ve found in Dubai. They are all unique and so glamorous, not too much if I say it’s totally insane!  yep, have you all heard about: A giant man-made skiing facility, tallest tower in the world, the spectacular fountain in the world, largest shopping mall in the world, a couple man-made island resemble the world map, palm tree etc, the first seven star hotel and a man-made marina? I couldn’t mention them all. Fyiuhh….I just could say : WOW WOW WOW! Well, Thing that still amazed me is the Palm-Island. First time when I heard about this crazy project was in my first year in college and I thought “It must be impossible, yeahh,,might be I just a picture or something”. But then I was totally sure it really does when I was there. Oh my good,,,it does exist! :shock:

just get in to palm island,,,no palm-shape I could see,,,damn big man-made island!

Actually, I’m a little bit upset when knowing that the island is really really really really big. Why? Because I couldn’t see the palm-shape of it. It’s just like an ordinary island with lots of luxury buildings in it. not only the housing, there’s also a mall, offices and multifunction bulding that’s being built when I was there (perhaps it’s been accomplished) Dubai. When I going there from the main road, just felt like I passed through a long fly over then arrived in a ground with a lot of similar building. Apparently it’s a connection road to the palm. I didn’t realized that. haha. Actually, I went there just to see the form palm of it, and take picture afterward. That’s it! nothing’s I wanna buy or try since I know everything going to be expensive. Well, that’s OK. Just need 40 AED from Dubai Marina. Again, I went there in a group, so it cheap enough :lol: . At the time was Friday. I went to the mosque first (the Jumeirah Grand Mosque) with my Chinese muslim friend.

direction from Syeah Zayed Road

The taxi driver gave us a map of Dubai and excitedly explains a lot of interesting places in there. He told us about nice place in the palm. He said there’s an Aquaventure Atlantis called The Lost Chamber, it’s an indoor water park with dolphin, feeding the shark in lagoon, diving experience and something like that. I didn’t get in there since I have no plan for it before. Moreover, after know that the ticket was expensive, which is 100 AED (Rp.250.000) to get in , and 175 AED for feeding the shark and 2500 AED for Diving. Hell to the NO. It’s kind of expensive! So, when first time arrived at the Atlantis main lobby, I just seeing a lot of tourist then walk around and take many picture. Hahaha. there‘s a small mall in it and I just look around and buy some lunch in there. Not interested to get in to the lost chamber.

The Tunnel at palm Jumeirah island

Anyway, it located at The Atlantis hotel, the most expensive hotel in there exactly at the end of the palm. There’s a subway tunnel connected with the main road in the palm island. I just realized it when I saw a picture in website :lol:  Firstly, I felt like I pass through an ordinary tunnel although I was asking why there’s a tunnel in there. It’s impossible a busy road, right? :roll: As it a new island or furthermore impossible there’s a hill that needs to be passed through. Apparently, it goes down to the sea and will back to the ground near the Atlantis Hotel. The hotel is the biggest building in the palm. As usual, there’s a lot of luxury car parked in front of it. I really want to take some picture beside it but I was shy…haha.

accidental posing in front of The Atlantis Hotel, exactly at the “tip” of palm island

Anyway, I’ve heard good news from my Congolese friend. The only way to look the palm shape of the island is by monorail. Wow, sound nice! He said it cost around 6 AED, I could take picture a much as I can with good view as the level of the monorail is pretty high to look the palm shape. Well, then I was asking to the security where the monorail station was. But poor me, I just realizes that it was Friday, a holiday for Middle East country.

a typical building in the Main road – The palm island

Unfortunately, the monorail was not in operation at that day! Damn it! Arggggggggh. Some people said that, what I need to do is waiting as the operation hours was no longer be idle. Fine! I was waiting while enjoying ice cream with another asian friend. You know, the ice cream shop was unique, not only nice ice cream I had, but also, it showed awesome attraction about making and serving the ice cream. Quite often, the customers was clapping and laughing when the officer doing so. Oh, I forgot the name of the shop. As usual, the entire officer is Asian (Philippines, Indian, some of them was Indonesian. hehe). By the way, that was really entertaining. I start getting bored, then went outside the building and took some picture beside the sea. Ok, after we’ve waited for pretty long time, then we asked them back and poor me… it was in problem or something…I can look around the palm Jumeirah and say hello to island…well, that’s OK. Next time I should go in a right time. We then went to Burj Khalifa and have another nice place in there…..yeayy!

another aerial view of Palm Jumeirah. Oh, I still anxiously want to capture it by myself.

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