Comunity-Based Vermicomposting, An appropriate solution for Bandung’s Municipal Solid Waste Problem.

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Municipal solid waste becomes a huge problem especially in Bandung as one of big city in Indonesia. It’s getting worse day by day. These problems have brought many disasters including human tragedy for last 4 years. Municipal solid waste production in Bandung reaches 7.500 m3 per day that contain 70% of organic matter. As its high organic content, it makes uncomfortable situation because of its unpleasant odor. Local government has solved this problem in many ways, but the solution seems not effective enough because it held centralized without society participation.

Actually the main problem related to the badness of waste management is the culture of the society. Whatever the Government solutions, it will not be impacted as long as no awareness from the society about importance of environmental protection. Our society needs the integrated education about environmental protection especially waste management and processing. So that, the suitable solution should use cultural approach like integrated campaign related to waste management. Problem solving by focusing to its core problem is the most effective solution. It is important to be applied beside current solution from local government. In other word, solution for municipal solid waste should be held both in a short and long-term.

We have to change our paradigm about waste. Waste not only give us a huge problem, but also can give us a huge economic benefit. A study shows that municipal solid waste in Bandung may give potential revenue about Rp 450 million per day with appropriate processing. So far, the Local government does not find an effective solution. They just applied the centralized method to solve this problem and didn’t allow the people to take a part directly even in community scaled.

Vermicomposting is a simple biotechnological process of composting, in which certain species of earthworms are used to enhance the process of waste conversion and produce a better end product. In Vermicomposting you speed up the process of decomposition and get a richer end product called “worm castings”. Community scaled vermincomposting may the best solution for waste management system for its benefit, as follow:

  1. Raise environmental awareness. By carrying to the community, it forces the people to aware to environmental problem. At the time, local government can massively introduce 3R philosophy (Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle) including organic waste separation. People awareness is the most important thing as it becomes core problem of the badness of waste management system in Indonesia.
  2. Raise fresh income from selling of vermicomposting product which is high quality compost and earthworm. It helps the local government in reducing its jobless especially in economic recession nowadays.
  3. Increase togetherness among peoples in the community. This method requires certain management system such as organic waste collecting, process controlling, and product packaging. It needs people support in making the program success and naturally the togetherness will be well established.

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  1. tulisane sangat bermanfaat deh.

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