It’s Desert Safari!

It’s the typical road in the middle east, as fas as you could see, that would be a desert…

Once going to the middle east (especially Dubai), you MUST try the desert tour. Although most areas in the Middle East is desert, but this kind of tourism is obviously different from the desert they had. It’s dessert safari! a spectacular desert journey. You only need around 160 dirhams (USD 45), then The unforgettable journey is in your hand. whoaaa,,,sound nice, right?? well, first of all, you should order (make a reservation) since  people whom interested in it is really really a lot. Any payment should be through credit card (prepaid). How about the number of participants? You ought to go in a group, at least five people. Actually it doesn’t matter if it is less, but, you will join with other participants that you might not know. The more who participate, the more discount it be. It’s cool, yes? 🙂

After deal with the reservations, then on the day, you will be picked up from your residence. We went there by ten people, exactly enough to fill two cars. We depart from Marina Mansion Tower (one of Baker Hughes apartments for trainees who are having technical school in Dubai). We recommend that prior to determining which companies are taken (because there are several companies that offer the same safari tour) please find information as much as possible since there’s probably find the cheapest one.

Interior of the Car

Travel from Dubai (Dubai Marina) to the desert safari approximately one hour heading towards the Sarjah City. btw, for those who live outside Sarjah and Dubai, the company did not pick you up there. Usually the trip starts at 15:00. Why?? Of course, to make our journey comfortable … I couldn’t wonder how if we had the trip during the day,,,It gonna be extremely hot!!  remember,,, it’s in desert! Temperatures can reach more than 50 degrees of Celcius. But if the late afternoon, at least not make us suffer because of the heat.

Before entering the desert, we stopped at the fuel station to take a rest and refuel. beside it, there is a mini-market and toilet. Almost all the cars that will have the desert safari tour, take a break here. Do not forget to buy drinks sufficiently. the rest jouney to the desert is about 10-15 minutes.  fairly near! Having reached the door of the desert, we transferred to another car which ready to take us on the first adventure … yeah! Dune Bashing!

It’s Sand Bashing! try it and ready for screaming along journey! really!

I also didn’t not know what is actually gonna be happen on the entire trip. Apparently, for more than an hour, we had amazing tour through the desert with crazy sand dunes. Along the way we all screamed like ride a roller coaster. With great music playing in that car, we really felt like in a real adventure. Very interesting! quite often the cars that we rode and rode with the sloping sands sweep up to fly. even the car we rode almost upside down… but,,, do not worry, the driver was very well trained,,, he droved the car until all the people in it screaming hysterically almost nonstop. Really Thrilling! Dizzy?? Um,,, of course not, because it is not entirely the steep terrain that we’ve been through, besides it also, we rested a few moments to just take photos.

nice pose! then we continued to next journey…
It’s Camel Riding. I really love this picture… 🙂 🙂

After had an amazing Sand Dune, next we had other amazing activity called The Camel Riding! we all rode  a camel that had been prepared. The route is not very long, but it was enough fill our curiousness in camel riding in the desert. It kinda feel the real-life Arabs. Incredible! Really! To ride a camel we must be careful, at least we hold to the handles provided on the backs of camels, otherwise we’ll slam down when the camels were ready to stand or go sitting down,,,, seriously! Camels were very high and large, once moving it, we will be easily slammed you down. Route traveled only about 50 meters. But it’s totally fun….it’s addicted.

After Camel riding, there also have a small car (I don’t know the name), but it is not free, we must pay extra money about 150 dirhams just to get around for 15 minutes. It’s really expensive. None of us were willing to try it.  It so common!! not interesting at all….

it describes how difficult the Snowboarding was! but I’ve Enjoyed this!

That’s only part of the afternoon activity on the desert safari tour. Furthermore, should not be overlooked is the night event. We all (for each group) led to the camp which is not far from where Camel riding’s located. The Camp is designed in such a way that is similar to the ancient desert life. All stand’s made from the leaves of palm trees (kurma). Everything is neatly arranged around a pretty big stage exactly in the center of the camp. Directly in front of the stage, there is a place where visitors could have dinner while enjoying the show tonight which will begin in a few moments. We all started get into the camp and immediately take some soft drinks in a booth near the toilet and also had some opening snacks such as kebabs, etc. Everything is free!

night at the desert…really nice!

After that, some of us was playing Sandboard. Really interesting! This is the first time I tried it. It’s exactly at beside the camp with 10 meter high. The proper sandboard there was only one (from three available). We all took turns playing and take some photos. Playing sandboard was really fun, what’s an adrenalin game!  The first time we have to climb the sand dunes manually (without a cart that transports us to the top like most snowboard). After that pairs the board and get ready to roll. We must be able to maintain a balance so as not to fall down. But do not worry, even if we fall down, we will not feel pain at all, since we play in the desert. It’s totally Soft! In contrast to snowboard, Sand-boarding is hardly controlled. We can not arbitrarily put the brakes on. You will continue to slide uncontrollably. Once tried, we definitely addicted to try again,,, I bet!

It’s Hena painting

And the night we arrived … it’s time for dinner. Awesome! Some of us, especially the girls tried the Hena painting. We can paint our hand with henna arabic. It’s also free. The process is so quick, take 10 minutes. How about men?? That’s ok!. men usually make a tattoo on his upper arm. But it’s rare. but if you want,,,that’s Ok!

It’s Free! nice arabian costume…

In addition, there are things that should not be missed as well. Yup, The Arabian costume, and again,,, it’s free! There are three pairs of Arabian costume with turban and the headband. Likewise with women’s clothing with its veil. We can take pictures as much as we want. There are additional services for this costume Arabian i.e. we can take a picture with an eagle with a professional photographer, but it must pay. I don’t know, how much it cost. I forgot!  We can also buy some souvenirs there. Like the veil, scarft,  etc.

Sheesha…Finally, I’ve tried it!

And there also provide a sheesa stand. And again, It’s free! There was one booth for visitors who want to enjoy this sheesa. This is not a cigarette,  we suck the essence of different flavors (grape, strawberry, etc) with no tobacco there. So there is no nicotine. I’ve heard some news that sheesa is dangerous for our health. The effect is even bigger than cigarettes. Umm,,, I’m not so sure,,, but I was trying it for pictures only. I do not like smoking and I’m not a smoker. I just wanna try something unique here. That’s it!

Belly dancing show

And the last event which is also attractive and distinctive middle east is the Belly dancing show. We can enjoy it for approximately two hours. Various kinds of dance performed here good enough. There are about two dancers who play alternately. The one dress is covered with unique feature dress she was wearing. she rtwirled for a long time and make clothes to form a ball, and other unique shapes. View full outfit with lace diamonds and gold.  looks amazing at night looks like it. It was really nice!

Another dance is the dance that highlights the beauty of the body but not naked. She wore a long skirt and a little transparent shows her navel. The upper part also tight and slightly open. Masyaallah! Dosa!!  But I didn’t watch too much. I wacthed this despite of expert on playing sword and twirled her body.

BBQ dinner. awesome…All is Arabian food!

Promptly at 9 pm event is completed, each driver contact us again to drop you back to where you live. Really Tired!!! But it was really really really fun…. feel had a real life in the ancient middle east … yeah .. It’s the middle east! Once came here, you must try desert safari tour….

6 thoughts on “It’s Desert Safari!

  1. wow your story is really awesome, I hope I can also try the experience of dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding, wearing arab costume (amin). I also wanted to visit the middle east, It is one of my dream place to visit. . I hope you continue giving your exiciting story, It really inspires me a lot (and the other too). 😀

  2. oh, thx a lot….yes, that’s totally awesome! wish you have much better experience someday…Amiiin. hehe

  3. A very nice pictures you have posted.especially I like your sand boating picture. thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us.

    Regard :
    dune bashing Dubai

  4. wonderful..this really inspires and makes desperate about visiting and experiencing dubai desert safari.

  5. I would like if you can join us at the Arabian Desert. A special feature of our Desert Safari Dubai deals is buffet desert dinner in traditional wooden made Arabian camp which reveals you the glimpse of heritage and history. This dinner comprises of a wide variety of cuisines of Arabic, Italian and Chinese regions.

  6. I would like if you can join us at the Arabian Desert. A special feature of our Desert Safari Dubai deals is buffet desert dinner in traditional wooden made Arabian camp which reveals you the glimpse of heritage and history. This dinner comprises of a wide variety of cuisines of Arabic, Italian and Chinese regions.

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