Luwuk – Banggai Interesting Places

The last trip was so lovely! I’ve worked in a place called Maleoraja, a far far away place in eastern part city in the Central Sulawesi. The Job there is just common like any other place I’ve visited. I was assigned to help my ‘pride oil company’ in this nation for all mud-related activity (mud mixing, testing, supervising, and give some recommendation). It was stressful as usual. Hahaha. But there, I had something enjoyable beyond all stressful things, the Vacation! It’s different to all place I’ve visit. Yeahh,,The place has lots of beautiful beach and nice mountain. For me, mountain is something common, I like beach very much! here’s some recommended place to visit:

Kilo Lima beach

it’s Kilo 5 beach! so quite and clean….looks so ordinary, but very enjoyable when you were there…

It’s the most well known beach at Banggai. It’s located near to Luwuk Airport (lately changed to Syukran Aminuddin Amir Airport) exactly at kilometer 5 heading to the City. It’s less beautiful compared to Bali (of course! – I never go to Bali anyway 😛 ) but less hectic. It just a little bit crowded at holidays. You don’t need to pay for entrance tickets. Yeahhh..It’s free! Lovely thing you can do there is swimming and snorkeling. But unfortunatey, there’s no equipments rent there. So, you must bring all your own Snorkeling Equipment (mask, snorkel, vast, foot fins and underwater camera -if needed). Haha. The beach has white sand, blue sea water and nice city view behind… after tired of swimming, enjoying Pisang Goreng with sambal and saraba is good idea….hmmm…so lovely!

I don’t know if the sea looks that perfect for snorkeling,,,I forgot to buy snorkeling equipment in Jakarta..So, I just can Swim there…PLEASE, Just IGNORE the people in it, trust me what I’m highlighting here is the perfect sea,,, 🙂

Makakatak beach

yeahhh…a very quite makakatak beach!
another side of the beach

Not really beautiful but it’s totally quite and clean, a right place for dating and meditation…hahaha. I enjoy finding some sea animals (starfish, sea urchin, etc.) and swimming.  You can find nice palm tree, beautiful mangrove, and nice view (jungle background). FYI, you can take your narcissism pics as many as you want without disturbing others. Trust me, no one can see u there…. 😆 . you can also use the wood-boat there for free (I guess 😛 ) coz  a lot of boat lay down beside the beach without owner.

 Donggi Beach

Donggi beach… (OMG, that pinky little girl  really ruin my pics.. 😆 )
Enjoying grilled fish beside the beach is the perfect things to do,,, 🙂

Being in donggi reminds me of Batu Karas beach in Pangandaran. It is just similar! It has a quite big wave (good for surfing), clean and black-sand. But, no hotel’s available there. Haha. And No equipment rent in there (surfing, snorkeling etc). You can just playing sand, swimming, take picture (with jumbo size of mangrove) and enjoying grilled fish beside the beach. It’s like 160 km from Luwuk (3 hours driving) passing through several transmigration unit (kampong Bali, kampong Sunda, kampong Jawa, etc). You can find some place that being a traditional mining of gold 😯 . I think it’s a nice place for me,,,hey, I never find such a place in Java anyway…

Luwuk View

WOW! I was in the hill when capturing this!

Luwuk is uniqe city (actually it’s not a city, its subdistrict – kecamatan). It has beach and mountain. So, it must be a beautiful scenary when I can capture both of them. And yesss,,,Somebody brought me to the hill called “inspiration hill”…thx so much! There, you can enjoy luwuk view while enjoying seafood and again, pisang goreng and saraba…hahaha. Again, this place reminds me to a place outside, yup, Dago….haha. enjoying night view is like enjoying Bandung night view at Dago Pakar. Hehe.

nice view, isn’t it?

Actually, there’s another nice place to visit such as waterfall and another beautiful beach. My friend always ask me to visit them all while I was there…but, I realized I was there for working, my vacation time was so limited…sorry dude,,,thx for the offer 🙂

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