a “GO GREEN” rig

separated gerbage bin at rig

separated gerbage bin at rig

I think everybody knows that Environmental Issue has been a hot topic since some previous decades. It’s now being the top priority at work. So, It’s useless when a company has reached their goal but got any accident in it (could be work personnel or environmental) let say BP oil spill at Gulf of Mexico or the Exxon Val Dez Tragedy.

Oh come on,,,that a big things to talk. Let’s pick up a small thing around us, Garbage Problem! I’m surprised when I work in a rig, a national one. It has good way to comply to environment by separating garbage into 3 container (organic, inorganic and B3). Anyway, it’s my first time found such thing from 5 different rig I’ve work with. Good Job!!!! I hope they continue the processing till the end of cycle, not only in at the rig site. May be other rig has that regulation since long long time ago, but for me, it surprising you know….other things I found here are clean location, neat lay out, proper poster, and complete PPE they had 😀

Anyway, this article is a real way responding to my friend facebook status I’ve read last several hours.

“An oilfield worker is missing his family while providing a service that keeps you on the road and provides you with many comforts of today. While you are reading this, oilfield workers are out there sweating or freezing out making a living for their families. It’s OILFIELD APPRECIATION WEEK, reply if you are oilfield worker or appreciate one, if you don’t appreciate one, TURN YOUR CAR and A/C OFF and never buy plastic again. That’s a petroleum product too!”

For me, I have my own way to participate on what they called “Oilfield Appreciation Week”. Yeahh,,appreciating a “GO GREEN” rig is a good idea. I wish it would be a model (in term of garbage handling :D) for other rig….

Yeahhh…let’s save our earth!

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2 thoughts on “a “GO GREEN” rig

  1. Nice post gus

  2. agus.hoerudin@yahoo.com August 10, 2011 — 13:52

    Tengkyu dit,,,,nge-blog dong lo,,

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