Trip to Pramuka Island

Snorkeling, Scuba diving, & white sand beach near to Jakarta? well, you gotta go to Pramuka Island!  I was so happy when suddenly some of my Siawares friend asked me to join their vacation around Christmas last year.  Of course, I said of ”yes” without take too much consideration. Pramuka Island is the nice place in kepulauan Seribu (thousands Island) where I never visit to. That’s why I was so excited. Yeah, I think go to the beach is kind of fun vacation and easy as no need special equipment, preparation and less costly compared to hiking and other mountain trip. hahaha

Look! How happy We were… 🙂

The lovely things you can do is snorkeling. I love snorkeling because I can enjoy the corals with simple equipment and no need special skills. Well, Let me describe more complete each interesting place and activity.

Islands Tour by Boat

We’ve visited 4 major and beautiful islands around Pramuka. The Pramuka itself is the center of government of Kepulauan Seribu sub district. It’s Part of Jakarta anyway although the distance is like 2 hous by boat. The pramuka is crowded with housing and some governments building without a white sand beach, but there has a comfort place for base camp of the entire trip. The first activity I had was the island trip. The first island we’ve visited was the Pulau Air, we had no special activity during this trip except just taken some picture, but trust me there has a lot of beautiful scenery spot that will make you want to be always on the pcture. Hehe.

Pulau Air, one of some private islands at Kepulaun Seribu

the second island was the Semak Daun Island, just like the first island, it has beautiful while sand beach, a small port and lots of mangrove conservation spot. You can also have a snorkeling excersie during here.

Pulau Semak Daun

The third island was The Karya Island, it’s the center of police  and cemetery of Kepulauan Seribu, there’s a football yard and some government building. Not really special actually but you still can enjoy the quiet condition there.

Pulau Karya

The fouth was the “terapung Island” it’s not an island actually. It just a coral that lately has been created as  conservation for some fish species. There’s also a restaurant and some building made from wood and bamboo. That’s why they called it as “floating island”. Then we goin back to pramuka to take a reast a prepared ourself to the barbeque party.

a certain fish conservation


Yes, this is the most lovely thing I could enjoy there. The boat that we’ve rented for our entire trip brought us to a snorkeling spot near to terapung island. All the snorkeling equipment has been prepared by the guide. Then we went to semak daun Island just to practice and take some picture. then we headed to what they called APL (I don’t what this stands for). It is the common place/spot for snorkeling. Oh, I wish I  have an underwater casing for my camera, so I could have capture beautiful underwater scenery.

group picture before snorkeling
snorkeling practice at Semak Daun Island
and,,,,,let’s go!

While we take a rest after had a tired activity of photography, we could enjoy the pramuka like walking around the island, take picture, go to the turtle conservation, etc.

sunrise at Pramuka Island
Turtlr conservation at Pramuka Island
and Banana Boat!

How much it cost?

There are many kinds of package you could take but I don’t know exactly as I didn’t take a part in organizing that vacation. I just Paid Rp. 350.000 for 2 days and one night trip. I visited 4 island by rented boat (included on the package), snorkeling, one guide, barbeque in the night, visited turtle conservation, 4 times meals, accommodation (not a hotel) and transportation from jakarta (of course by boat). That price is minimum occupied by 10 particpant, so if your group is less than ten, the cost will be a little bit higher.

I think that’s worthy enough with such amazing trip I had.

Oh, that’s so lovely 🙂

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