East Java Trip (Part #1) – Jatim Park 2

When I was in college, I have plenty of time but have limited money, now after college, I have very limited time but not that plenty of money too. Haha.

Last week, I unexpectedly join my TK05 fellas on 3-days-East-Java trip. This trip has actually been planning years ago, and start been organizing couple months ago. The last trip I’ve join together with them is the touring by motorcycle to Pangandaran Beach at the end of 2009. After that, some of us could only arrange their own vacation together with their colleagues at work. Well, the East Java Trip was Epic since that the first time I visited those place. It’s really nostalgic. I’ve actually been in Malang and Surabaya but not for Vacation Sadly, I was on National Competition. Hehe.  Anyway, The trip is also easy to arrange since some of us are now working in East Java, have ever been working there and has their relatives. So that, we got free tourist guide, and free accommodation which is the most important thing, Hahaha.

just arrived at Malang Station..

We Headed from Jakarta by Train (from Gambir Station) at night and arrived Malang Station (Rp. 525.000) in the morning. We rented a car, a large one, that we will use for the entire trip (Rp.800.000/day including the fuel). fortunately, We got free accommodation in my friend house. yeayyy. Our first destination is Jawa Timur Park 2 at Batu City, Malang.

Zoo is not really a new place for you, at least you have visited the place when you were child, rite? How about the Zoo which integrated with Animal Museum, Park, Hotel and Playground? The Jatim Park 2 Must on your first list! It’s the most amazing Zoo I have ever visited I can say. Everything there was nicely organized. I love the animal collection which very complete and well to be taken care of.  They have kind of track which makes the visitor see all of their collection. Most of the animals here is located at Batu Secret Zoo, a part of Jatim Park 2. It has several parts such as The Aquarium (where there are some sea animals), reptile, lemur, primate, various type of bird, The Tiger Land, Savanah (where there you can find some African animals), Hippo and Croc Garden, etc. You can also see some attraction like feeding the tiger, etc.

I think the bird is a cockatoo! they nice anyway... 🙂

Not only, the animal collection, they also have some nice place like The African Market, there is a café and some bird you can take picture together with. There also have a Fantasy Land where you can enjoy your time with some games mode.

The Second part of The Jatim Park 2 is The Animal Museum, it’s located on a super big nice building (looks like an ancient Greek building) behind the Zoo, there you can find lots of preserves animals and ancient fossils that were imported from various countries across the continent such as America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Arctic and even Antarctica. Besides, this museum has some dinosaurs’ replicas like Tyranosaurus-rex, stegosaurus, mammoth, etc.  For insect lover, it’s good for you to visit. They has hundreds collection of butterfly, locust, bumblebee, spiders and other insect form various countries. They also have many dioramas which good to take picture with. Besides the building, there is a giant wheel, so you can enjoy the nice view of the entire place and moreover the view of Batu, Malang. Sound nice, rite?

at The Animal Museum

If you want to stay in hotel surrounded by animal, you must visit the Pohon inn hotel.. it’s a hotel surrounded by the zoo, the design is unique and nice. And for sure, you can enjoy the fresh air of Batu, Malang and the amazing view of mountain. Everything is lovely.

Anyway, the Jatim Park 2 is start open from 10 and will be closed on 18. 00. The place can be reached 1 hour approximately from Malang. The place is kind of modern zoo and different from any other Zoo I’ve visited.  I bet you will have so much fun!

for further, you can visit : Jawa Timur 2 Website

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