East Java Trip (Part#2) – Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Complex (view from Pananjakan)

After enjoying first day travelling with the Zoo experience, then we continued to the wonderful place named Mount Bromo. Tired but awesome..fyuhh…What a day! We arrived at base camp (at Tiestri’s Grandma’s house in Malang) at 08.00 PM after get lost a couple time in Batu beside traffic Jam due to week end common problem. Oh please Driver,,,You did such a ‘great’ job! Arriving at house doesn’t mean we can take a rest after spending a whole day at the Zoo, yep, We had to head out at 12.00 PM for sunrise hunting at mount Bromo. So, It took 4 hours journey from Malang to Probolinggo (of course including ‘getting lost’ again 🙄 ). Oh wait,,,I don’t know where we were and which part of city I was as I’ve heard that Mount Bromo is located at four district in East Java : Malang, Probolinggo, Pasuruan and Lumajang. Oh, forget it. Seriously, 4 hours journey from Malang to Probolonggo is kind of a time was not supposed to be take. Thanks God, we have 3 of us have been there before, so in our rest time, we helped the driver re-direct to the right way. haha. 😆

Exactly at 04.00 PM we arrived at ‘Pos Bawah’ (whatever you name it) , and wow,,,lots of visitor had been there before us. We tried to rent a Jeep to send us to Bromo. If I’m not mistaken, recent regulation doesn’t allow us to take our personal car. We have to rent a Jeep which could be occupied by 5 people. The Jeep is managed by Local People. It costs Rp 400.000 to Mount Bromo, and Rp 700.000 to Mt. Bromo + some other nice place there (pasir berbisik, padang rumput, etc). But,,,believe me or not, none of the Jeep is available for us. Oh,,,my,,god! Seriously? The officer told me that most of the Jeep driver was ini Nyepi Rituals (mediation or something) that will be finished by 5.00 in the morning. Oh God, I just realized that most of local people is Tengger tribe who mostly Hindu, so,,,We just doing nothing. But No Way! ,,,we didn’t give up, we tried lobbying the officer to pick us up with other driver who didn’t celebrate the Nyepi Rituals. Fortunately,,they agreed. Yeahhhh… 🙂

road view before getting to Bromo, very nice! it's part of Bromo Tengger Semeru national Park

We eventually wore suitable outfit for the weather in there which very very very cold (5 degree of celcious perhaps). So, I recommend you to bring thick jacket, scarf, cap, and glove. We happily walking around and take picture before the Jeep picked us up, just my ourself comfortable. 30 minutes goes by, still, nothing Jeep is approaching. You know what, we start panicking,,,Hey Jeep Driver, Where was the hell are you?? We called them like million time. Still, the officer said that the driver would have come soon 😡 . We were sick of waiting for them. The entire visitor is completely picked up except us. We officially missed the sunrise which is something we came to Bromo for.  Crazy rite? Well, we go back to the officer and surely, a dispute of the issue is cannot be avoid. We had a deal, rite? why you said ‘yes’ meanwhile there’s no enough Jeep to provide. that’s sucks! Hey…finally give us 25% discount as a compensation :mrgreen: . Yesss. They finally picked us up to mount Bromo at 5.30 which mean we just have 2 hours walking around. We had to go for another destination. At the end, We understand that at the long week end (moreover on Nyepi), its hard for the officer to provide enough Jeep for us. Thanks Officer!

30 minutes horse riding away from The Bromo creater... Pretty nice!

Wow..it still worth it anyway, for the whole jouney to the mount, you could see amazing view. It took almost one hour to reach the Bromo. We arrived at what they called “Pananjakan” at 6.00. Surprisingly, the weather was not good which is fogging. Hahaha. So, our complaint to the officer was totally useless. Hahaha. Eventhough we could have arrived on time, we could not see the sunrise, rite? Haha. We just could enjoy the view of Bromo from Pananjakan before we get back.  Anyway, Pananjakan is a place where you can see all of the Mount Bromo Complex from highland. It was amazing 😯 . Superr amazing 😯  😯  😯 . Oh my God, the View is just the same with the pic on postcard. It would have been super dramatic if I were literally there on sunrise time with good weather (someday Insyaallah).

We went down approaching the creater of Bromo. Sadly, we couldn’t go any further, we have very limited time. so, we just take picture near the temple. FYI, the temple (Pura may be the right term) is a Hindu’s buiding near the Bromo creater. The Hindu is always doing rituals there. The architecture is just like in Bali. I love the buiding. FYI, if you want enjoy the creater of Bromo, You have to ride a horse (Rp.100.000). Reaching the top by walking would be terrible, so guys,,avoid walking. Haha. The horse riding takes about 30 minutes to get to the top (2392 m above sea level). It looks nice. I really want to, but, all of my friend yelled at me and asked me not to go up, unless I’ll be leaved in there. Hiks..hiks.. 😥 but still, it worth it to take picture in all spot of the Bromo complex. It just too perfect . I promise, someday, I’ll enjoy the entire nice place in there 🙂

Pura at the dessert of Bromo complex

I think, a desert in Bromo complex is like a giant creater that happened million years ago. The Bromo itself is a a new mount created afterward. It stills an active volcano up till now.  I wish I were a geologist, knowing about what was going on with Bromo mount would be awesome. Well, I’m telling you again, visiting bromo would be perfect if you come on dry season and no Hindu’s related holiday. The sunrise, the view, the temperature would be way awesome. And don’t forget to make a reservation (if possible) for the Jeep. Hehe.

our activity while waiting for the Jeep
even the grassland looks nice (so does the people in it) 😛

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