Karimun Jawa : Dangerously Awesome!

a breathtaking view in Ujung Gelam Beach, Karimun Jawa

What’s on your mind about get away to the Beach?  Jumping group picture? Write your name down in the sand? Or posing behind the sunset? 🙄 Chliche! You guys must try snorkeling or some other interesting activities. I went to Karimun Jawa with my TK’05 fellas (again!) two weeks ago and it’s just awesome!  Karimun Jawa is now famous for ‘quite low-budget’ yet beautiful beach and underwater you can find in Indonesia. Ohh Subhanallah,,,The Beach is very beautiful! To be honest, this is the most beautiful beach and underwater I’ve ever had. I know, Indonesia has million such a places, how pity I am, I never visit a very beautiful beach before. Next time, I must visit another world recognized beautiful beach and underwater in Indonesia such as Derawan and Raja Ampat. Amiiiiiiin. For me, vacation with good timing is critical, for example, go to Bromo in rainy season and Nyepi is a bad idea. I’ve been there. Hahaha. I missed the sunrise which is everyone went to there for. Well lucky me, I went to Karimun Jawa on perfect weather. The beach becomes so dramatic with blue sky, less cloudy, crystally clear sea, and perfect sunset. So dangerously awesome!

Karimun Jawa is groups of islands located in Jepara, Central Java. We need around 2 hours from Jepara by fast boat or 6 hours by regular boat.  How to get there from Jakarta? It could be by bus, plane, train, etc.  I went by Train Bromo Anggrek (Jakarta-Surabaya) and stop in Semarang station. Then rent a car to Jepara. We decided to rent a car instead of using public transportation (bus, etc) because we were late 😆 . Public transportation may be a good idea when you have plenty of time. Just a tips, prepare anti-sea sickness pill is important. I went there on perfect weather actually, but not in the sea. We had worst wave since late several days. It become a torture for those who don’t consume any pills. Quite a lot of passenger got worst sea sickness. Damn it,,,They puking like crazy,,,ohhh. Lucky me, I consumed the pills and it worked. I slept for almost a whole journey 😆 Hahaha. Thx to my boss who always suggest me to prepare for the worst, I went to my first offshore rig by boat which was my first time having long journey in the sea. And it was fine since I had consumed the pills 🙂

did you know, the damn sea wave then forced us to come late,,,Hellll to the No! 😥

Snorkeling at Cemara Kecil Island


It’s my first destination. I eventually swim and Surprisingly the underwater is very beautiful. Too bad I came there a little bit late. Damn you fast boat! Well, we arrived at 14:30, 2 hours late that it’s supposed to be.  I know there’s a wave issue or something. They even forget to serve us welcome drink. Perfect!  We had lunch at at boat just to save the time. We just spend a couple minutes in our guest house for preparation. There, Something I love the most is the fish. Oh God, They so damn cute…and tame. Just need to bring some bread in hand and they will come around you in second. Ohh,,,so Cute! Too bad I had no underwater camera so I could not take picture as much as I want. But don’t worry the tour guide is equipped with underwater cased-pocket camera. They will capture you (and other too) and help you out finding good spot for picture. Since It’s about evening, we only had one hour enjoying such a beautiful underwater and we need head out to another destination for sunset hunting. Well then, lots of such the underwater will be found tomorrow. Just don’t worry,,,

Sunset at Ujung Gelam Beach

the sunset!

This beach is located at the tip of Karimun Jawa big island. There, You can find some coconut-ice and snacks boots, and of course the white sand, calm wave and a slightly slope beach…well, it’s perfect for taking any picture. lovely! First day is ended up with group picture just behind the sunset. So dramatically awesome.

 Another Snorkeling Spot

The 2nd day is snorkeling day,,,and again it was awesome! We went to two snorkeling spot near to Palau tengah and Pulau kecil. I don’t know why the fish is not friendly here in Pulau tengah. They didn’t nicely show up and play with us like before. So I just enjoy the corral while looking for some good spot for picture. we then headed out to Pulai kecil and yesss the fish is friendly here. I love you!  Really,,,snorkeling with good underwater corral and friendly fish is very very very enjoyable!

look,,,so cute, rite? hehe

Beach-ing and barbeque-ing at Menjangan Besar Island

After snorkeling we then go to Menjangan Besar Island for Barbeque party. Yuhuuuu. The guide already prepared all the equipment and the food. I just play around the island. This is the most beautiful beach is Karimun Jawa I think. The sand is super duper white, the sky is nicely blue. Oh my god, It’s just perfect. As usual, We play ‘standrad’ beach activity such as playing sand (including alay-ing session by write name down on the sand 😆 ), jumping group picture, and playing all the silly thing. it was FUN! Then we had lunch after tired with all of it. Yummy….

Menjangan Besar Island
Good man and good pic!
Jumping Group Picture is a Must!

Swim with Sharks!

See,,,,How Enjoyable posing with some ‘Vegetarian Sharks’ !

This is the last destination after almost a whole day snorkeling and beach-ing. Well, Are you dare enough to swim with shark? 😯 Really? 😯 Yes,,,you will literally swim with sharks. And I did 😎 . Yuhuuu. I know it sounds insane but don’t worry, all the sharks is totally friendly, shy and nice. We called it ‘the vegetarian shark’. Hahaha. I heard that all the sharks won’t hurt or kill any human. They kind of different species from the shark we are all know. So, just don’t worry. Go swimming and take picture as much as you want. Trust me, It ‘s gonna be fun! Please note that the nature of the shark is they really sensitive to the smell of blood, so make sure you free from all the blood thing. When I was there, there’s a guide/visitor has an open injury in his leg and suddenly he got unexpected shark attack. Well, Not really bad but it made the situation a bit chaos. You can also see the ‘show’ when the guide feeding the shark. They look enthusiastic and wild. So terrifying. After all, it’s worth to try.

Yuhuuuu….It’s all worth it! Karimun Jawa is a must try beach and underwater in Java Island. 🙂

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