Tour de Krakatau

Mount Anak Krakatau
Mount Anak Krakatau

Have you ever heard about a mount which its volcanic ash has made world in darkness for a couple days? or a mount whose eruption had created a global climate changes, had killed thousands people due to its terrible Tsunami and had been recognised by The Guinness books of world record as the most explosive eruption in modern history? Hohoho…sound too much but that’s The Mount Krakatau has been known so well by the world.

Well, I’m not going to talk about how terrible it exploded or how severe the effect was, I just want to tell how remarkable the place is. I went there to enjoy the beauty of the nature, get away from boredom of working in Jungle (anyway, I’m not working in Jakarta 😛 ). It was beautiful. I can say that everything from the summit to the seafloor is awesome!

Krakatau (Foreigner often call it  “Krakatoa” ) is a volcanic island located in Sunda strait, Indonesia. It is around 3 hours by boat from Anyer Beach in Banten or 2 hours from the nearest port in Lampung, Canti Port. To get there, I took a bus to Merak Port. Then, Get a ferry to cross Sunda Strait to Bakauheni Port. From there, I went to Canti Port, in Canti Village, South Lampung. Since I was in a group, I rented a car instead of using public bus. It was more efficient. I arrived there in early morning since I departed from Jakarta in midnight. We headed out with a wooden boat to Sebesi Island,,,,our first destination!

Sebesi Island

Sebesi is the only inhabited island near Krakatau. I stayed for one night prior to go to Anak Krakatau. Sebesi has limited resort and homestay, but fairly well. Our first day was scheduled to have snorkeling in some island nearby. Prior to reach Sebesi Island, We had a ‘warming up’ snorkeling at Sebuku Island. I have to say that, it was pretty nice with various coral although the underwater is not that crystally clear. After done with first snorkeling, we headed out to Sebesi main port to put our stuff in the homestay and get our self ready for second Snorkeling. Well, I think I’ve chosen a right timing. It was really quiet. I’ve just found a couple group of visitor with one or two boats were tied up alongside the shoreline. Yeahh,,vacation was supposed to be like that, rite? Relaxing! 🙂

Sebesi Island, one of inhabited island near Krakatau.
Sebesi Island, one of inhabited island near Krakatau.

Umang-Umang Island

This pretty damn small island is just 500 meters away from Sebesi Island. It has stunningly beautiful white sand beach with calm wave and turquoise color in all around. While waiting for the sunset, I played sand, took a lot of pictures, laugh loudly and did some crazy things. Oh, lovely! Again, I was so lucky since I have been there when no one stay. It is like a private island. I still remember how peace my heart when listening to the sounds of wave, and feeling the breeze. Walking in the shoreline just give me some special feelings…it’s just relaxing.

IMG_1525 copy
About to reach umang-umang island
IMG_1589 copy
Beach of Umang-Umang Island

Finally, the sunset is coming. I could not go any further since we were too exited playing in the beach. I supposed to see the sun sets nicely into the sea, but seeing it from the island was not bad apparently. It was Fantastic! 😯

Sunset from Umang-Umang Island
Sunset from Umang-Umang Island

Climbing Anak Krakatau

Anak Krakatau view from Rakata Island. Others are Panjang Island (behind) and Sertung Island (right)

Finally the day is coming. Who don’t excited to be in one of a legendary mount in Indonesia? We’re supposed to come early morning, not only to see the sunrise but also to avoid hot weather when climbing. It did not happen. The sky seems unfriendly at that day. It was cloudy. I hate this. Well, We came behind the schedule since we prefer to have shubuh prayer first. I saw there is not really quiet. There are some people having a camp near the beach and a luxury boat (not a cruise) stayed alongside the beach occupied by many foreigners who kinda have a party. There are some people do sun bathing, barbeque, watersport, take photograph, etc. looks enjoyable to be there…everything is just seems so luxury. Envy!

Well, I don’t care with all of them. Once, our boat docked in the shoreline. We promptly get the land and get our self ready for trekking.  Still, sky did not even get any better. I started climb the 230-meters-height mount. Unfortunately, We could not climb further than the ‘shoulder’ of the mount. The officer does not recommend it since it is too dangerous as a whole body of the mount is made of sand that susceptible to get slide. Also, the H2S gas there was killing.

FYI, Anak Krakatau is the youngest island in Indonesia. It grows 5 cm every month! Unbelievable. After the Krakatau exploded 100 years ago, Anak Krakatau was surprisingly showed up that high in less than 40 years. It keeps producing some killing smog and erupting materials out of the mount. That’s why too dangerous to get close to the crater. When I was there, the rain suddenly come 15 minutes after reach the shoulder. Damn it! The H2S smell start getting obvious and become so annoying.  We get down, afraid of something worst will happen. I have no idea why once we get back to our boat, the weather was getting better. geeez 😡 . May be the mother Nature don’t want us to get hurt by the H2S gas. I have not satisfied enough to take some picture 😥

Snorkeling at Lagoon Cabe

I’m not sure whether people call this place ‘lagoon’ or ‘legon’ ( in local language). It is totally sea I guess…not a lagoon. It is just a couple meters from Rakata Island. This is the most beautiful underwater spot in karakatau underwater complex. The crystally clear water there reminds me of Sangalaki island. Quite identical. I love underwater world. I want someday explore more the Indonesia’s underwater. It is going to be exciting. here in Lagoon Cabe, you can find not only beautiful coral reef, but also a lot of cute fish playing around. so, Bring along some food (bread, bircuits, etc) is good idea if you want them to come closer.

Cute Fish in Legon Cabe, Rakata Island
another beautiful underwater. clear isn’t it? B-)

That the krakatau trips is all about. a whole trip cost me around Rp. 1 million. We came there with 7 other people. It would have been cheaper (around Rp. 500.000) if I could bring at least 15 participants 🙄  well, that’s make me fresh enough to face another job in jungle… 🙂

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