Explore Underwater Gili Kondo, East Lombok

It is sort of un-planed event. My main objective of being in Lombok is for hiking Rinjani and if I fit enough, I was thinking of having some dives in the famous Gili Islands. Sadly, It was a peak season for both hiking and underwater activities. Changed of plan. My guide recommends us to take some dives in one of quiet place in east lombok called Gili Kondo.

And Yes, the place is really quiet. from the hotel I was stay in, It took 30 minutes sailing by boat.

Apparently, hiking to Rinjani is one hell of tiring activity. My legs was pain that I don’t think I were able to have some dives. I grab snorkel and fin and have snorkelling instead beside there were limited dive equipment.

Hmm,,,I think it was amazing underwater experience. It is predominantly soft coral with wide variety of fish.

Underwater of Gili Kondo
Underwater of Gili Kondo

Unexpectedly, one of my friend got bleeding in his nose, so he cancelled his second dives. Well, I was thinking, “should I take the opportunity?” and yes,,,With some soreness and pain, I grab BCD and all the diving gear. Let’s get underwater  🙂

Diving in Gili Kondo
Diving in Gili Kondo

The visibility is around 20 meters which is excellent.

Good Visibility
Good Visibility

The beach, on the other hand is very nice. It is white and very grainy.

Beach of Gili Kondo
Beach of Gili Kondo

Despite of its limited facility, Gili Kondo is good place to visit especially for those who wish to have sort of private place :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “Explore Underwater Gili Kondo, East Lombok

  1. Really interesting blog and your photographs are absolutely great. I’ve used one of your underwater photos as a background for one of my poems on my art blog over here:
    Please let me know you find it interesting 🙂
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

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