Climbing The Magnificent Rinjani – Part 2

Segara Anaka Lake, Mount Barujari and Peak of Rinjani seen from Pelawangan Senaru
Incredible vista of Segara Anak Lake, Mount Barujari and Peak of Rinjani seen from Senaru Caldera Rim

After get some pictures, seeing sunrise and capture all the precious moment, It’s time to move down to the camp site for another journey. As typical downhill trek, it was enjoyable as it take only two hours to get back to Sembalun Rim Campsite, just like play sand-boarding (with your trekking shoes :mrgreen: ). Don’t ever take off your mask, the dust was more annoying as the sun gets brighter. Also, use sunglasses to protect your eye either from dust or the UV. Sadly my sunglasses fell down to the crater  in half way down the Sembalun rim. 🙄  Geezzzz.

Segara Anak Lake

The two hours decent from the top was apparently tiring. Oh, I wish I have hired some porters 😥 I was so hungry but I need some rest as well. Also, I need to pack all my stuff for another journey. People said that it takes 4.5 hours to get to the lake and the trail has a high degree of brutality. It was not like sandy path where you can do sand boarding things, instead, it was more like a climbing especially in first one hour decent. It is a rocky steep valley. you need to carefully step with “four point contact” to get balanced. My hand need to handle things to safely trek down the valley. However, the sceneries along the way was incredibly nice 🙂 . Most of foreign hikers always associated the landscape with Iceland. Quite identical they said.

Segara Anak Lake
Segara Anak Lake
Fishing at Segara Anak Lake
Fishing at Segara Anak Lake

Segara Anak Lake is un-doubtfully one of the most beautiful place in Mount Rinjani complex. The lake has stunning turquoise color with mount Barujari in the center and peak of Rinjani as the background. People usually have a camp here for one night or two. They also enjoy fishing here. So remember to bring your fishing gear if possible.

The water source is available here (not from the lake for sure :mrgreen: ), which around 20 minutes away towards the waterfall. Get as much as water as you can because no water source available in the upcoming camp site in Senaru. But the upcoming brutal path also awaits you. So, calculate the optimum water supply you need to carry. 🙂

Water falls and Hot Spring

Hot Spring and waterfalls near the lake of Segara Anak
Nice isn't it?
Nice isn’t it?

God is always fair. After had so much pains, you will get a sweet rewards by getting a hot bath near the lake. Don’t ever imagine like in commercial pool, it was very natural instead. The hot spring comes from some hole of certain stone and it is not really hot. Most hikers always soak their body to get rid of all the tension and soreness. It was literally a pain relief. I bet you’ll get a nice experience to get a hot bath with natural pool while seeing some beautiful landscape that lies in front of you. So relaxing! don’t ever miss it. Trust me 🙂

Senaru Caldera Rim

I saw the Senaru rim camp site from the lake and wondering how could people make a trek through a very steep valley like that? 🙄 I can imagine how hard the trek would be. If I have taken 4.5 hours decent from Sembalun to the lake, it would be more to get Senaru Rim as the trek is more brutal apart from its beautiful view.

Beautiful scenery in the way up Senaru Caldera Rim Campsite
Praying in the place like this must be awesome
in the middle of ascents to Senaru Rim campsite from the Lake.
in the middle of ascents to Senaru Rim campsite from the Lake.

And yes,,,The trek has high degree of brutality of all. It was unbelievable that I could make it to camp site in 4.5 hours. We planned to have a camp at Pos 2 Senaru where there are water source, but my friend who had been here two year ago suggested not to trek at night. It would be dangerous and be very tiring. So we decided to stay overnight in Senaru Rim camp site. Our food supply was limited and most importantly we also have very limited water. Along the way to the campsite, My friend and I was daydreaming of some delicious food in town, “I wish I were in town, I really craving for meat ball and some soup. You know,,,I promise I will have some Padangnese food when I reach the Town…I promise” 😆

enjoying some chilly air at Senaru Rim Campsite
Enjoying some chilly air at Senaru Rim Campsite. so heavenly nice 🙂

Moslem believe that the prayer of Musafer (people who are in travelling) is efficacious. 🙂 , my daydreaming of some soup came true.

While, we busy preparing for food, two of my friend was suffering from cold and have to stay in tent. Some porters next to  my tent suddenly offered me bunch of steam rice and a bucket of soto soup  😯 😯 , I guess their guest did not really like soto and rice too much. I grabbed the food, eat them like I did not eat in a month 😆 , We offered the food to other hikers as well and it was finished in just seconds. Million thanks to super duper kind porters. May God Bless you all 🙂 🙂  . Before we leave the camp site, we give them some foods to porters to ease our backpack. They said thanks to us while give us a bottle of water 😯 . Oh my God, thanks a lot , we need so much water and we got it for free 🙂

Senaru Rim Camp site
Senaru Rim Camp site

The camp site is not really convenient as no water source available. However, that was the best viewing site of some beautiful place in Mount Rinjani complex, especially if you want to capture the lake, mount Barujari and Peak of Rinjani in one shot. The best time is 08.00 AM where some clouds have not cover around yet.

I always like downhill trekking as it is way easier, but I don’t think I like the trek of Senaru very much. it was a bit extreme. There are a lot of root sprawling across the trek. Dangerous. One of my friend got a knee issue so we need to move down a little bit slower. Another friend of mine fell down and she got bleeding in her chin. So watch your step carefully. Apart from its challenging environment, the trek was was cool as mostly it is covered by a dense rainforest jungle. It was even more interesting that you’ll hear some nice bird singing everywhere. There are 3 shelter from Senaru Rim to the entrance gate of Senaru. I have no idea why it was felt so long 😆

Finally, after 5.5 hours decent, we happily arrived in Senaru Gate. Say good bye to the magnificent Rinjani. What a nice hiking experience! 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and Go hiking Rinjani!

Above the clouds of Lombok
I miss being there again, above the clouds of Lombok 🙂

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