The Blue Stone Beach of Nanga Panda, Flores

Nanga Panda Beach
Nanga Panda Beach

On my way to Bajawa, I spotted an exceptional beach named Nanga Panda. People also name it the Blue Stone Beach. You can guess by the name that it is fully covered by blue stones. Beautiful. It’s located in the southern coast of Flores Island, around one hour drive from the city of Ende.

People usually stop by and see some of these stunning stones. No resort available. No need to pay any tickets :mrgreen: . Very natural. The beach lies just beside the main road of Ende-Bajawa. As typical wave in southern beach is pretty big, I think swimming there is not a good idea :mrgreen: .

The blue stone
The blue stone

I have no idea where the stones came from. I don’t think it came from the sea and has been polished by the wave. I saw the cliff and wall along the road that contain the same kind of stones. So, I guess the stones have been formed long long time ago. As the wave hit the cliff, the stones separated and is spread along the shoreline. Pardon for being so Geologist-wanna-be. :mrgreen: .

The stone is collected and become source of income for local people
The stone is collected and become source of income of local people

Unfortunately, some area of the beach turns into the stones-mining activity of local people for years. So, some area is no longer covered by these unique stones. It is usually shipped to Bali and Surabaya to fulfil the demand of resort, hotel and residential. I have been in certain resort in Bali and found the same blue stone in the bathroom. Wow….I just know that the stone came from here in Nanga Panda.


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