Cunca Rami Waterfalls

Cunca Rami
Cunca Rami Waterfalls

In my last destination in my overland tour in Flores, we planed to visit Cunca Wulang waterfall. “Cunca” means waterfall actually. Unluckily, some of drivers said that the road heading to the place was being repaired, so it’s gonna take far longer journey than it’s supposed to be. Since we had to arrived in Labuan Bajo as soon as possible, we had to cancel the last stop. Sad 😥 . They suggested us to explore another natural beauty named Cunca Rami Falls 🙂 . Oh my Goodness, I am so happy that it end up became another unforgettable journey during my trip.

To get there, It take around an hour drive from the intersection in main road of Ruteng City to Labuan Bajo. I’m not really sure where it was as the sign was not really clear. My driver, who is local person, even got lost and had to turn the car back and asked some people for a couple times. The road was not smooth, our car could just ride about 15 km/hr. Along the way, was a total jungle, you would never imagine that there are a waterfall hide somewhere in there and the civilisation exist. I was wondering whether we went to a right place. No people’s found in our half the journey until an old people who can’t even speak bahasa guided us with local language. Thanks a lot 🙂

After arrived in the village, Manggaraian kids welcome us like they never find a minibus. Staring at us like seeing a total strangers. Man, we’re like celebrities :mrgreen:

Selfie with Manggaraian Kids, Our guide.
Selfie (groupie?) with Manggaraian Kids, Our guide.

Manggaraian kids are so friendly. They ‘re all helpful. believe it or not, they guided us all the way to the waterfall. Along the way, I talked to them. They are all in elementary school. For me, it’s always nice to have a chat with kids. Their innocent attitude is adorable. Once I asked what they want to be like when they grown up, most of them wanna to be a teacher, soldier and driver. I asked them “Don’t wanna be an engineer?” They silent. I guess they did not familiar with my profession. May be they just find teacher, soldier and driver in their daily lives. Even though, they only had 20 friends in their school, they so eager to learn. I’m so proud for their teachers. They must be great.

Anyway, they are familiar with some english word, like Good morning or I am handsome, whatever :mrgreen: . They really excited when got some guest coming to their village even local tourist like us.

After descended for around 30 minutes, we get the dry paddy field. There, we can clearly see the waterfall. as it is located far from civilisation, you can feel the quiet and mystical atmosphere. very natural.

dry paddy field near the waterfall
dry paddy field near the waterfall

Arrived at the waterfall, we took the clothes off  and be ready to jump the lagoon. While we are enjoy the lagoon, none of the kids wanted to join us. they said it’s too cold to swim. It was literally cold. but I have come all the way from Ende, so I think trying to get swim is a must. The lagoon depth is around 8 meters. very deep for that small size lagoon. Quite a lot algae in the stones, so it was slippery. anyway, IT WAS FUN!

Group Pics
Group Pics
Lagoon at Cunca Rami Waterfalls
Lagoon at Cunca Rami Waterfalls


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