Tanjung Bira: How to Enjoy Beach like celebrity!

Beach of Tanjung Bira
Bara Beach

Yeay, it’s vitamin sea again!

I recently joined an overland tour to some of the most happening spots in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. We started with Tana Toraja and set aside the beach in the end of our trip due to several reasons. The most important one is because we don’t want to have sunburn in the first place and likely ruin all picture we’re gonna take. Not cool, eh? 😛 . So, I thought beach is right place to end up with :mrgreen:

Alright, if you’re looking for a pretty beach around South Sulawesi that has incredible underwater, just go to Tanjung Bira. It is just four hours drive from the city of Makassar and 12 hours away from Tana Toraja. According to the guide, coming to the beach in year-end is not really a perfect timing, instead it;s better to come on January or February if you want to see a fully-covered-fine-grainy-white-sand-beach that Tanjung Bira is famous with. When I was there, the beach full of reef, was in low-tide and so many dry seaweed stranded around 😐 .

So, we thought of having relaxed time instead; enjoy the quietness of the place, reading books and stuff. There is a famous place named Amatoa resort, but it turned out fully book way before we decided to go there. 😥 .

Anyway, that’s no big deal! There are so many activities and places to choose from and your trip still looks fabulous, like celebrity. 😉 .

Ready? Consider things below:

1. Diving around Kambing Island

One thing I love the most about this place is the superb visibility, like crystal clear. literally. I loved it.

Mola-Mola Point in Pulau Kambing
Mola-Mola Point of Pulau Kambing

I had one dive in this spot and it was really enjoyable. There are many dive center with wide range of price to choose from. Too bad my cams is not really sophisticated and my GoPro has a little messy settings. Damn it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A-must-do-activity of a typical new-diver: Underwater pic of self! 😎 .

2. Cosmos Reef Slope Dive Spot

Moray Eel in the dive spots called the cosmos reef
Moray Eel in the dive spot called the Cosmos Reef Slope

I had the second dive near Bara Beach named Cosmos Reef Spot. Compared to the first one, this spot is less-crystal clear. However, I was so excited that finally I meet the moray eel. So cute! 😯 .

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3. Snorkeling

Snorkeling Spot of Kambing Island (picture of Mas Ayit)

Besides diving, snorkeling is also fun. Most of my friend spent their time snorkeling from one spot to another. There are three spots; Pulau Kambing, Liukang Loe and one Spot near Bara Beach. Pulau Kambing is the best spot they said; so many fish, healthy corals, and of course, crystal-clear underwater.

Snorkeling Spot near Liukang Loe Island

4. Liukang Loe Beach

Typically, this island is a rest place before other underwater activities.  This beach has a vast white sand and the sun is really hot, so remember to have your sun-block on and top it up as necessary.

Lunch in the island
Here we go!

5. Bara Beach

What do you enjoy most while in the beach? Oh come on, forget about books and sun-bathing chair! Go have some stupid photo session like this:

The Axe Effect Pose. LOL
The Axe Effect 😎  (Photo Credit: Delia)
Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden (Photo credit: Mas Ayit)
Gadis Sunsilk
Gadis Sunsilk (Photo Credit: Mas Ayit)
Beyonce ala-ala
Beyonce ala-ala (Photo Credit: Maria)
Tom Hanks’ Cast Away Movie? Nice try, Buddy!

Anyway, Bara beach is another beautiful site and is really quiet. Although a lot seaweed sprawling around, it is my favourite beach in the area.

Another incredible vista of Bara Beach

6. Enjoy Sunset at the Doplhin Bay

Locals name it that way because dolphin used to appear near the place. Now, seeing them is just a daydream. Anyway, the place is near my resort I stayed and is the center for locals’ activities. It’s a good place for sunset hunting.

Sunset (Photo Credit: Vivi)
Sunset (Photo Credit: Vivi)

7. Phinisi Construction Yard

Prior to go back to life (Airport), there is a worth-visiting place named traditional construction yard of Phinisi Ships. It is around 30 minutes drive from Tanjung Bira towards the city of Makassar. The yard build sell the ships worldwide and you may not imagine that this place has existed for centuries.

Phinisi ship is being built
Excuse my ugly pic. Just a proof I’ve been there. 😎 .


6 thoughts on “Tanjung Bira: How to Enjoy Beach like celebrity!

  1. Ini salah satu tempat kece yg belum kesampean kesana. padahal asli sana. itu kapal pinisinya pake kayu apa gan??
    salam kenal gan *cakiruul 😀

  2. Hallo Cak Irul,
    Sayang sekali gan ga sempet explore sana, tempatnya kece banget, ane aja pengen kesana lagi. 🙂
    Btw, ane kurang tau persisnya kayu apa. hehe

  3. Wah kak, bagus banget ya tempatnya. Ngomong-ngomong setelah saya lihat2 ini wordpress kaka, kaka engineer ya kak? jurusan apa kak? kebetulan saya masih kuliah hehe

  4. Hallo Hasna, betul saya engineer 🙂 . Waktu kuliah jurusan saya Teknik Kimia.
    Semangat ya kuliah nya 🙂

  5. Waaah bikin ngiler banget postingan ini. Sudah lama dengar dan pengen main ke Tanjung Bira, tapi belum kesampaian juga. Termasuk pengen diving di sekitaran situ juga. Untuk dive site nya, andalannya apa? Arusnya bagaimana, mild, fair atau strong? *langsung semangat nanya*

  6. Sorry mas Bart baru bales,

    Andalannya Pulau kambing itu. ada beberapa spot lain, cuma lupa saya. wkwkwk. Kalau pulau kambing arus nya masih mild. tapi tergantung musim juga sih sebenernya. viz nya oke bangettt.

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