The Glycol Mud


It’s an enhance polymer water based mud that uses polyglycol’s cloud point technology in inhibition mechanism. What is glycol? compounds at least containing two hydroxil group.

Company’s Glycol Trade mark:

  1. MI (Schlumberger): GLYDRILL
  2. Baroid (Halliburton): GEM-GP
  3. Baker Hughes : AQUA DRILL

The Cloud Point Technology:

Cloud Point is temperature at which polyglycol changes from totally soluble to insoluble. above cloud point temperature, polyglycol forms a colloidal droplets or micelles.

Cloud Point Technology in Shale Inhibition

The insoluble droplet is adsorbed in the wellbore and onto clay/shale formation form protecting barrier from water and its damaging effect. Adsroption into the wall reduces cake thickness and filtrate losses. Since polyglycol has an afinity to the surface, it coats solids and exposed surfaces, and provide lubrication and reduce balling

How To Test Glycol

Refractometer. and sampe must be taken from the retort


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