Finding Nemo Trip – Pahawang Island

Clown Fish and Sea Anemone , easy to find in Pahawang Islands
Clownfish and Sea Anemone , easy to find in Pahawang Islands

Does anyone know Clownfish? Or anemone?

Those who have watched an-oscar-winning-movie, Finding Nemo, may be familiar with it. This is one of the cutest ocean creatures that live in a warmer shallow seas in Indian and Pacific Oceans. Clownfish live in the shelter of an anemone, and they never stray very far from their homes. The sea anemone protects the clownfish from predators, as well as providing food through the scraps left from the anemone’s meals and occasional dead anemone tentacles. In return, the clownfish defends the anemone from its predators, and parasites. The anemone also picks up nutrients from the clownfish’s excrement, and functions as a safe nest site. what a nice symbiotic – mutualistic relationship, rite? 🙂 Clownfish also the only fish that immune to the fish-eating anemone’s lethal sting 😯 . well, I’m not gonna talk some biology lectures here by the way 😆  Their life story is just awesome and there are some lesson learn *tsahhh 😆

The thing is, my friend asked me to join an open trip arranged by BPI (BackPackers Indonesia) fellas to see them closer in Pahawang Islands. Instead of catching and keeping them in home-aquarium, seeing them in their native area along with the beautiful coral reef and other fish would be so awesome. And yes,,,they are easy to find there, trust me. For those who enjoy snorkelling and diving,  Pahawang Island should be on the list.  Well, may be it looks creepy compared to Raja Ampat or Lombok but actually it is pretty good. Besides the underwater, the beaches are also wonderful.

How to Get There

Summary How to get there : Jakarta - Merak Port - Bakauheni Port - Bandar Lampung - Ketapang Port - Kelagian Island
Summary on how to get there : Jakarta – Merak Port – Bakauheni Port – Bandar Lampung – Ketapang Port – Kelagian Island

Pahawang Islands (including Kelagian, Tanjung Putus and Tegal island) are situated in southern part of Lampung, near the Capital Bandar Lampung, so it is easy to reach. Since I departed from Jakarta, the cheapest way to go is by ferryboat. First of all, I grabbed a bus from Slipi Jaya to Merak Port (Rp. 20.000) with 3 hours journey in regular traffic. Then, We took Ferryboat from Merak to Bakauheni Port (Rp. 13.000 per person, It’s recommended to upgrade to VIP class for more convenient rest since the day after we would spend a whole day with snorkelling, so additional charge = Rp10.000 ). It takes 3 to 5 hours, but normally 3 hours. After arrived in Bakauheni Port, We rented a car with another 3 hours journey to Ketapang Port. There, I rented a wooden boat and finally arrived in the beautiful Kelagian Island (Our Base Camp). So, in total, We need almost 10 hours to get the island. Fyuhh…quite tiring journey for sure 🙂 . Actually, The trip was already arranged by one of BPI guy, I just paid Rp. 410.000 from Merak Port, plus I paid bus from Jakarta to Merak and upgrade ferryboat fee. So the whole trip costed me around : Rp 500.000. Pretty affordable, huh? 🙂

The boat
The boat

Well, Let’s talk about what we can enjoy ….

Kelagian Island

with BPI strangers in Kelagian Island (coutesy of Amri )
with BPI strangers in Kelagian Island (courtesy of Amri )
Kelagian Beach (courtesy of Amri)
Kelagian Beach (courtesy of Amri)

It’s pretty new island means it was open to public in around 2010 or something by initiative of local people nearby. Until now, there’s only one resort (well, homestay may be 😛 ) with not really limited facility. The island used to be one of local naval base. Since the public interest was getting high day by day, it was transformed to be a resort since then. And yes,,,it has beautiful white grainy sand beaches with amazing turquoise colour around the island. It also has calm wave and stunning view. It’s just relaxing to be there 🙂

Once we get the Island, the guide let us put our stuff in the resort and get ready for snorkelling. We went to first spot named Gosong Kalangan. As usual, I grabbed sun block to avoid sunburn :mrgreen: just try to apply safety practice in all aspect like I always do in workplace :mrgreen: . from the boat, I saw pretty clear sea and complete coral reef available. After I thrown my self down to the sea, I really meet the Nemo in almost every side of the island. Wow, they’re really cute. It is just unbelievable, when I was in Karimun Jawa, It is very hard to find them, but here, they are abundant. Well, I think this area was warm enough to let them grow that many. I wish they will not be catch for home-aquarium demand.

Tanjung Putus

Underwater of Tanjung Putus Island
Underwater of Tanjung Putus Island

Some people said, It is named Tanjung Putus because there is a border between the Land of Sumatra and that island. When there is high tide, the island is the separated, but when the sea is in down, then it is connected. well, whatever 🙄 . I don’t know where they are :mrgreen: . In Tanjung putus, there are nice snorkelling spot, even better than before in term of visibility. Sadly, I did not sea a beautiful beach since I just get beach for Lunch (which I don’t know in which part I was in that island). Seems like, there are a lot of jellyfish in Tanjung putus. I was stung several times causing my skin itchy after I get home 😥 . I have no idea why, I did not a sea big jellyfish stings my body, but I can feel it tough. So, better use a right outfit when swimming which cover your body as much as possible. After all, it’s pretty nice to be there.

We moved to the 3rd snorkelling spot in the day, Pahawang kecil Island.

Pahawang Kecil Island

The Stunning Pahawang Beach
The Stunning Pahawang Beach
Underwater of Pahawang Kecil Island
Underwater of Pahawang Kecil Island

beside the underwater, I think the beach is also very nice. There you can find white sand beach, turquoise colour and shallow beautiful coral next to the island. Also, there’s a luxury resort. hehe. As usual, I just can take a photograph instead of stay there 😆 … but sadly,  it was cloudy all day long. I hate that 😡 . If the weather was good, the view could have more dramatic.

Tegal Island

I think this one is the best underwater spot in that area. In term of coral and fish, it is pretty much the same with legon cabe Krakatau Island, but more crystally clear. And the lovely thing is that you can easily find the clownfish, the Nemo, even more compared to previous island. It is not really deep; I guess It is around 3 meters or something. Lucky me, when I was swimming, there’s unexpected guest coming, the green turtle. Yeahhhh. Oh my god, It’s just unbelievable. I was chasing them when I was in Sangalaki island but I did not find any (in closer distance I mean). But it is really small, what I see in Sangalaki Island,,,it way bigger.

Found a guest star, Green Turtle, in Tegal Island
Found a guest star, Green Turtle, in Tegal Island
another clownfish and anemone . They are always together all the time :smile:
another clownfish and anemone . They are always together all the time 🙂

Tegal island also has a beautiful white sand beach, but we did not go there sadly 😆  We were too enjoy swimming and forget to play in the beach prior to return home. Just don’t forget to bring good underwater camera and get the battery full prior to get the sea. Mine was low-batt and dead  before completely capture all the good things there 😥 . I heard there are also a diving spot. wow. 😯 the deeper, the more more beautiful I guess.

Pasir Timbul Island

it is always fun to pose like this :lol:
it is always fun to pose like this 😆

If you ever visited Gusung Island in Derawan or Gosong Island in Karimun Jawa, Pasir Timbul Island is pretty much identical. We visited it in our last day. It is nice as usual. We performed some standard cliche beach activities : Group Picture, Playing in the wave, Jumping picture, Ganteng picture and outstanding “air terjun pengantin” pose. 😆

what an enjoyable trip

and,,,it’s always enjoyable to explore my beautiful Indonesia 🙂

7 thoughts on “Finding Nemo Trip – Pahawang Island

  1. Wow, it look very beautiful with affordable cost! Where had you stayed, Gus? Really interested and hoping someday I can go there and see the scenery by my self.

  2. i like the last pic

  3. Thanks Daniel….It is awesome indeed :mrgreen: thx for visit 🙂

  4. that’s nice!
    boleh Tanya lebih detail?
    kamera yang dipakai untuk foto underwater kamera apa yah?
    lalu untuk trip yang ini apakah arrange sendiri atau open trip? apakah itu weekend atau berangkat jumat malam?

    thank you ya 😀

  5. Thanks Alfirafitrananda,,,Saya pakai kamera Nikon Coolpix AW110. cuman maximal sampai 18 meter saja. saya ikut open trip dari BPI. kita berangkat jumat malem….

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